In a recent survey, 64% of the population asked, said they were unhappy with the colour of their teeth.

So where does this dissatisfaction come from and why do our teeth discolour with time? 

Your smile is so important. Smiling is good for your health, makes an important first impression, exudes confidence and paves the way for your success in your career and personal life.

Smiling can lift your spirits, have a positive effect on other people and improve any situation.

Being conscious that your teeth may not be as bright as they could be will make you far less likely to smile and this will have a negative effect on your own well being as well as impacting those around you.


Over the course of our lives teeth can darken as a natural effect of ageing. The outer hard tissue covering our teeth called enamel, wears away and exposes the darker dentine beneath it.

Also repeated exposure to some things will stain our teeth, such as tea, coffee, wine, smoking, certain medications, even trauma like knocking a tooth during a fall.

How can I make sure my teeth look white?

  • Take good, daily care of your oral hygiene as well as regularly visiting a Hygienist
  • Pay attention to what you eat, look out for things that could stain your teeth
  • Remember to brush your teeth after a meal, particularly if you have consumed something likely to stain
  • Drink plenty of water during your meal to rinse your mouth of staining agents
  • Schedule follow up treatments. Regularly attend your Dentist and Hygienist. A scale and polish or air polish treatment will really help remove stains and restore your teeth colour to its natural form but you can’t expect it to stay that way, lifestyle factors will have an ongoing influence
  • For maximum effect have your teeth professionally whitened 


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