And how often do you need to apply the gel?

It depends, and it is different for each person...but don't worry, the pen contains enough gel for 20+ uses which will be sufficient for most people.


 I use your teeth whitening products and they are excellent!

We are really glad to hear that! Thanks for using our products!


All the models look really young. Will this product work on older teeth?

It doesn’t matter how old are you. It works on natural teeth, old teeth, old fillings, dentures, crowns, veneers, caps and so on. So, it doesn’t matter what age you are!


 Does it work?

Yes, of course it does! Check out our amazing reviews to see what our customers say!


Does the gel work from the first application or does it work gradually?

It works from the first application and gradually the results become better and better the more you use it.


How long does it last?

Our gel product offers long-lasting results but please read our “Tips for long lasting results” to make sure you maximize the results!


 How long does it last?

Our product will last a long time if it is used and applied correctly.


 How long does each application last?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are so many factors to consider. Please just read our “Tips for long lasting results” and apply this product correctly and you will see very long-lasting results!


How long does it last please?

Thanks for asking! It depends on many factors. If you drink coffee, tea, wine, or if you are a smoker, you will have to whiten your teeth more often. I am a smoker, and I have noticed that within a couple of days of using this gel product, my teeth looked so much whiter. I will likely have to whiten them again in a couple of weeks.


Can it be used daily?

Yes, without any problems. The gel is very safe to use.


Does the gel work if you have lost enamel on your teeth?

It sure does! The gel is gentle and doesn't affect the enamel.


Is it an instant whitening or does it take days/weeks to work?

Our gel product offers instant whitening but the more often it is used, the better and longer-lasting the results will be.


 Is it safe?

 Yes, of course! The gel does not cause any teeth sensitivity or damage to the enamel. It also does not affect the gums.