Instant Magic Tooth Paint FX

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Cosmetics laboratories, have created a highly desirable product to hide stains and discoloration on teeth. It is inspired by the tricks of the best make-up artists in Hollywood.

★ It really works on all types of teeth because it is made of a type of paint, not bleach.
★ It does not affect the enamel or any dental work, either during application, while wearing it, or when you take the paint off.
★ It has a strong hold does not come off while eating meal and does not discolour when consuming coloured drinks.
★ It takes less than 5 minutes to apply, and it will last on teeth for up to 72hrs.

Say hello to better days & brighter nights
Now you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home or anywhere you need. When you need to whiten your teeth urgently, this simple, safe, and effective tooth paint is the answer. See brilliant results instantly. This product, developed by Absolute White, uses the best and most professional formula available on the market at the time of writing, July 20, 2022.

What's included:
- 1 pen with Hollywood-White tooth paint

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How to use
1. First, before application, you should clean the teeth by flossing and brushing, preferably with the PAP+ Toothpaste.
2. Use the dental cotton rolls (or something similar) to wipe/dry your teeth thoroughly to prevent your saliva from interacting with the paint.
3. Shake the paint pen well before opening.
4. Apply a thin layer of paint directly onto the front surfaces of your teeth, avoiding other areas for aesthetic reasons. Allow the paint to dry for 5 minutes. Retouch if necessary.

How to remove when reapplication is required
5. First, before application, clean teeth by flossing and brushing, preferably with the PAP+ toothpaste.
6. Rinse well with a whitening mouthwash, preferably PAP+ Mouthwash.

Allow to dry and go back to step 1.

Alcohol, Ethulcellulose, Silica, Titanium Dioxide

Instant Magic Tooth Paint FX
was $56.99 , now $23.99